See Every Speck of the Surface Pro 6 With Our Teardown Wallpaper

On the other side of a whole lotta heat, the Surface Pro 6 revealed the same exact battery, speaker, and camera as last year’s Surface Pro 5. However, Microsoft’s eighth Surface did bestow us with a four-core processor—which warranted a slightly larger (and more spidery-looking) cooling system.

Overall, this tablet suggested that Microsoft Surfaces don’t change: The Surface Pro 6 is a glued-up mess, and we hope you don’t need to take it apart. Fortunately, you can take it apart with your eyes with our Surface Pro 6 teardown wallpaper.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 teardown wallpaper

Here’s how to get it

To apply the wallpaper to your Surface Pro 6 desktop:

  1. Right click on the image above and save it to your machine.
  2. Click the Start button, select Settings, and then select Personalization.
  3. Under Background, select Picture and choose the wallpaper image.
  4. Under the Choose a fit section, select Fill.
  5. Admire your spidery new wallpaper!

If you want a teardown wallpaper, but you don’t want this one, we’ve got more from where that came from here.  And feel free to spread the word by clicking the itty-bitty Share button below.

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