Go Beyond the (Microsoft) Surface With These Internal Wallpapers

The Microsoft Surface line has given us a lot of trouble over the past five years. They’re notorious for being unrepairable and non-upgradable—and unfortunately, Microsoft’s new Surface Go follows suit. You definitely don’t want to take this thing apart if you don’t have to—so we made these teardown wallpapers to give you a glimpse at what makes the Go, go. (So you can wake up and take it to go go—get it?!) (We’re sorry about us.)

Microsoft Surface Go internals wallpaper

Microsoft Surface Go x-ray wallpaper

Go Go Microsoft Go Wallpaper Instructions

Here’s how to apply one of the wallpapers to your Surface Go desktop:

  1. Right click on the desired image above and save it to your machine.
  2. Click the Start button, select Settings and then select Personalization.
  3. Under Background, select Picture and choose the wallpaper image.
  4. Under the Choose a fit section, select Fill.
  5. Admire your snazzy new wallpaper!

If you need even more teardown wallpapers in your life, we’ve got quite a few to choose from here.  And you can easily share them with your friends by clicking that itty-bitty Share button below.  

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