#VoidIfRemoved Contest Winners

When the FTC cracked down on device manufacturers for using “warranty void if removed” stickers back in April, we jumped for joy. Why? The stickers are illegal—they always have been—so we’re happy the FTC finally made a point to call out Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Hyundai, HTC, and Asus for using them. But there are way more than six manufacturers that need to get rid of these things, so we started a sticker hunting contest and asked you to post photos of “warranty void if removed” stickers out in the wild. We couldn’t believe how many you found! Thanks to you, we’re now gathering up all of the device information and sending it to the FTC, so they can tell more manufacturers to cut it out.

Warranty void if removed stickerHere are our favorite submissions:


Thanks for helping us show device manufacturers that their use of “warranty void if removed” stickers is unacceptable. We’re thrilled that fixers in the US no longer have to fear these silly stickers. And if you’re one of the lucky winners—hang tight! You’ll be able to tackle your next repair with our all-new Manta Driver Kit.

Note: Just because we’ve announced the winners, doesn’t mean there aren’t still “warranty void if removed” stickers living amongst our favorite devices. If you find one, you can still share it with us on your social media channel of choice using the tag #VoidIfRemoved.