iSesamo Opening Tool

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We know that doing the best repair requires the best tools. That's why we've spent the last few years looking for the best opening tool we could provide to our users. We've tried razor blades, spatulas, spikes, pins, picks, and many custom designed opening tools. iSesamo is the best opening tools we tried. Made in Italy, we have been providing these from Dotterpod since they were all handmade. Now popularized by iFixit, this tool is sought after by repair shops around the globe. In the hands of a repair professional, this opening tool will make short work of popping open even the most difficult iPod cases.

Crafted for one purpose. ¶ 

A thin sheet of springy steel, designed to slide easily between panels and into microscopic cracks. An expertly curved tip, perfected to get the right angle on electronic casing clips. And with a no-slip grip, this tool is much more effective and reliable than other case opening methods.

Double edged sword. ¶ 

Made from metal means it’s longer lasting than plastic opening tools, which rarely last for more than one repair. It can release the rusty or bound clips where plastic tools may have failed in the past. However, being made of metal also means the tool can and will scratch or mar softer materials like case plastic. It requires a steady hand to use properly, but does work best.

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