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iFixit MasterTech Certification

The iFixit MasterTech Certification is your proof of technical repair proficiency—backed by the most trusted brand in electronics repair.

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Industry Standard Certification ¶ 

iFixit assembled a team of specialists to build the industry's first technical certification for smartphone repair. The team spent a year interviewing countless technicians and repair business owners to develop a standard for our industry—and to build a comprehensive exam where you can prove your expertise.

Check out mastertech.ifixit.com for all the details.

The Exam ¶ 

The exam is two parts—taken together in one sitting. The first part is multiple choice, the second is a hands-on disassembly and reassembly of a smartphone (Apple iPhone 5 or newer—or Samsung Galaxy S4 or newer).

The exam uses our secure video proctoring plugin. Video proctoring keeps certification candidates honest—and lets us catch cheaters. Exam integrity aside, video proctoring allows us to record the hands-on portion to evaluate candidates' skills.

Certification candidates will need a few things to complete the exam: an internet-connected computer with a webcam and Google Chrome (our proctoring software uses a Google Chrome plugin), a computer power cord, tools, workspace accessories, and a functioning smartphone for the hands-on test.

Here's what our technicians used when testing the exam:

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Multiple Choice ¶ 

Candidates start with an extensive multiple choice exam covering Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy repair, general electronic device repair knowledge, and repair business operations.

We put together a study guide—candidates should review it thoroughly before taking the exam.

Hands-On ¶ 

Immediately after completing the multiple choice questions, certification candidates will transition to the hands-on portion of the exam. This will include adjusting the webcam to capture their workspace.

While taking the test, candidates will have a video preview of what our video proctor is capturing. The preview should look something like this:

Block Image

Candidates should prepare for this transition before starting the exam. If using a laptop, it should be as simple as pushing the computer away to make space, adjusting the webcam to capture the workspace, and sliding tools, accessories, and the disassembly/reassembly device into view.

Candidates will start by showing that the device functions, then disassembly, then reassembly. A complete disassembly means that the display assembly, battery, main board, and headphone jack have been removed from the device and from each other. After reassembly, the candidate must show that the device powers and that the LCD and digitizer function.

We put together a hands-on guide that explains this portion of the test in detail—candidates should review it thoroughly before taking the exam.

More Details ¶ 

The exam is two parts—taken together in one sitting. The exam must be completed and submitted in 120 minutes. Both sections must be passed with 70% score or better to be certified. If either part is failed, the certification candidate must buy a new certification exam and retake the test in its entirety. Candidates must wait at least 30 days before reattempting the exam.

Any technical issues experienced by the certification candidate are not iFixit's responsibility. Internet outage, computer power failure, etc., could result in a failed exam—and the candidate may be required to purchase a new certification exam.

Certification candidates must provide their own smartphone for disassembly and reassembly. Once the device disassembly begins, the smartphone cannot leave the video capture—or the candidate will lose points or be failed outright. If the candidate destroys the smartphone during the disassembly, iFixit cannot be held responsible.

iFixit will not give exam feedback on a question-by-question basis—but will give a score for each part. There is no appealing the multiple-choice part. The hands-on part may be appealed. Candidates must appeal within 10 days of failure notification. All appeals are judged by iFixit's oversight board (comprised of repair business owners and technicians, not iFixit staff). This is a closed process that is not open to the candidate's involvement or arguments—it is simply a second review.

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