Troubleshooting Sony P SGPT211US/S 5.5-Inch Tablet

This page serves to provide trouble shooting information on the Sony P SGPT211US/S 5.5-Inch Tablet

The Troubleshooting Page: Sony P SGPT211US/S 5.5-Inch Tablet

1) Problem- Tablet will not turn on

Possible Solutions:

• Execute a soft reset by holding the volume up button and the power button for three seconds.

• Make sure the tablet is fully charged.

• Reboot the device.

2) Problem- Wi-Fi connection failure

Possible Solutions:

• Refresh your connection by turning off both the tablet and the router.

• Reset the network connection by going to Wi-Fi settings and proceed to select “forget network.”

• Alter the channel of the Wi-Fi router.

3) Problem- Device freezing and hesitating

Possible Solutions:

• Ensure that the tablet is not being over-exerted by an unwarranted amount of RAM. Close any unnecessary applications.

• Perform a factory reset.

• Turn the screens off and on to eliminate lag.

• Return tablet and ask for a replacement device.

4) Problem- Touch-screen issues

Possible Solutions:

• Perform a soft reset.

• When in use disconnect the tablet from its charger.

• Complete a factory reset.

• Keep tablet software up to date.

5) Problem- Screen bending: Factors such as time and heat can warp the device’s curved framework.

Possible Solution: Contact Sony, if the device is under warranty the tablet will be replaced.

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