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Tools Neededand Additional Recommendation

Here is the list of tools needed and additional recommendation.

Bicycle repair stand ¶ 

This is an Optional Item

There are many types of repair stands available for this type of jobs. Try to pick a stand the will keep your bike in place and avoid tipping over if you apply a moderate horizontal force on your mounted bicycle.

Cleaning agents ¶ 

There are many different types of cleaning agents. Some for actual cleaning, others for maintenance purposes. In general all extend the life of the bike.
Degreasers aid in removing the packing grease applied to bikes. When assembly is finished, and being shipped to the store. One particular degreaser is "Citrus Bike Chain Degreaser". It is used to remove the packing grease from the chain, that is applied for shipping to the store. This aids in faster cleaning, and also leaves a citrus smell.

Soap and warm water is another cleaning agent. It is the most commonly used cleaning agent, and has a part in the troubleshooting process.

Wax is used to add a protective shell on the bike, to prevent rust. This works by repelling water that may fall upon the bike. Different types of wax have different duration times. Look at product's instructions for proper use and application.

Value Steam Remover ¶ 


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The Value Steam Remover takes out the value steam core, that is inside the bike tube. You will need this tool, if the value core is broken, and needs to be replaced.

Bike Multi-Tool ¶ 

This is an optional item.

This tool has all the basic items you could need. When repairing your bike. It is more of a convenience to have an all in one.

Bike Pump ¶ 

Having a bike pump is very important, since the most common issues revolve around flat tires. There are several types of bike pumps. To name a few are: foot pump, portable pump, and standard pump.

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