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iFixit is proud to introduce the Smother Bag—your on-the-go solution to catastrophic hoverboard fires. ¶ 

We’ve all been there: hovering down main street with the grace and elegance of a unicorn on rollerskates—when suddenly—you’re up to your fanny pack in an electrical fire. Now, nobody's gonna think you look cool.

Spontaneous Hoverboard Incendiary Combustion (SHIC)

It’s real. It’s dangerous. Here’s why:

Lithium ion batteries—found in cell phones, laptops, and hoverboards—contain a flammable, pressurized, liquid electrolyte. Obviously, great care must be taken to prevent a situation where the electrolyte could ignite. A cell breach, poor charging-circuit design, excessive heat during operation, or metal particle contamination during manufacturing can all lead to an uncontrollable thermal runaway, resulting in spontaneous hoverboard incendiary combustion—or as we in the industry like to call it, SHIC.

The safest solution is to let the fire burn out in a secure, non-flammable location. The iFixit Smother Bag is an excellent, portable fire-proof solution, providing a safe place for your inevitable hoverboard fire to safely extinguish itself—without harming persons or property around you.

SHIC happens. Are you prepared? ¶ 

Tired of dragging around a heavy fire extinguisher? Now, you don’t have to! Just grab and go with your Smother Bag. Sick of your pants always catching on fire—and not because you’re lying? Never get SHIC on your pants again. Tired of waiting for your SHIC fires to burn out on their own? Now, you don’t have to.

Putting out your hoverboard fire is simple: When your board starts smoking, simply hop off, stop hoverboarding, unfurl the bag, put the flaming hoverboard into the Smother Bag, and smother that SHIC. While you wait for the raging inferno to burn out, take a moment to reflect on all your poor life choices.

The Smother Bag! Never leave home without it! Or—just don’t buy poorly-manufactured electronics with huge batteries. Your call!

The Smother Bag. You’ve got fire safety … in the bag. ¶ 

Fireproof pants sold separately. Product should be used in concert with fireproof gloves or tongs, not included. Do not carry the Smother Bag while it is smothering. Do not smother anything else but hoverboards in your smother bag. Do not use if under the influence of alcohol, pregnant, likely to become pregnant, thinking about ever getting pregnant, or you are currently breastfeeding. Incorrect use of Smother Bag may result in night terrors, flop sweating, or athlete’s foot. The Smother Bag is not guaranteed to prevent dog, child, or pantaloon fire. Extreme fires may require more vigorous smothering.

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