Securely Restore Windows XP Backup Data On Windows 7 and windows 8 OS

The article describes in detail, the manual procedure to securely restore Windows XP backup Data on Windows 7 & 8 OS. But if problem still occurs, then BKF Recovery is one of the highly acclaimed tools that have been suggested for usage.

It has been two months that the support for Windows XP has ended; the last day of extended support provided was April 8, 2014. With the end of support, Microsoft has stopped providing any security updates to the XP users. Due to this reason there has been number of situations when people demand either to migrate to Windows 7 or 8 OS; as they are the newer versions still under the support of the company. In such cases arises the need to restore Windows XP backup data created by Ntbackup utility either on Windows 7 or 8, if the users still have the need to access age old data in the new operating system being installed. But care should be taken to securely restore Windows XP backup data on Windows 7 & 8 OS. The restoration process should be correctly employed so that loss of data does not occur and all data gets retrieved. This is because a slight carelessness in the restoration of backup can cause discrepancy in the BKF file created by either Windows Ntbackup or VERITAS Backup Exec and data may get lost for all ever.

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How to Restore Ntbackup Of Windows XP in Windows 7/8

To restore Windows XP backup to Windows 7/8 or any other later version:

  • Windows Ntbackup restore utility should be downloaded from the official website of Microsoft. - This is because of the fact that Ntbackup was an in-built utility provided in Windows NT based older operating system versions (e.g. Windows XP). But in the later versions of Windows OS version, the Ntbackup utility has been replaced by Windows Backup and Restore wizard. Hence, a proper procedure should be adopted to securely restore windows XP backup files on Windows 7 & 8 OS.

Streamlined Steps to Restore BKF Data In Windows 7 & 8 OS!

  • Download the (Windows Ntbackup restore utility) on the computer running on Windows 7/8 OS.
  • After downloading, install the application by running the setup.exe file.
  • Navigate to the System Tools under Accessories through Start menu and run the Ntbackup restore utility.
  • Open ‘Backup and Restore’ utility located in System and Maintenance page that can be accessed via Control Panel.
  • Now there is a need to ‘Select another backup to restore files from’. Then follow the self explanatory commands that appear on the wizard from which you would like to restore your files from.

Note 1 – While restoring backup it should be ensured that administrative rights are available to execute the task.

Note 2 – It should also be noted that restoration from Windows XP Ntbackup may not be possible if data is stored on a tape or floppy disk as Windows 7 OS doesn't include Removable storage manager. In that case, you can restore this Ntbackup on a PC that is running on Windows Vista OS.

Disadvantage of The Manual Process For Backup Restore

The procedure explained in the above section is no doubt a streamlined process that helps to securely restore Windows XP backup data on Windows 7 & 8 OS, but sometimes may not turn out to be successful. The cause of failure could result either from corruption issues or any kind variance in the steps followed. Whatever may be the reason behind the recovery of data the real question is how to retrieve data from the backup file. It is therefore suggested to avoid the difficult manual procedure and make use of a third party tool to extract data from the BKF file.

One Stop Solution to Retrieve Data from BKF File Even If Corrupt

The application should also have the potential to restore data even from corrupt BKF files and also irrespective of the method used (Windows Ntbackup or VERITAS Backup Exec) to create the Windows XP backup. Keeping these factors as the priority of the tool, it is advised to adopt BKF Recovery tool. The reason behind proposing this software is its ability to recover data from corrupt BKF files, restoring XP backup in Windows 7 and 8 (though backup and restore process are different), user friendly interface and many more.

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