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Repair Business Toolkit + iFixit Pro ¶ 

We want to make it easy for you to start your own businesses. Turn your garage workstation into a storefront—no franchise fee, no subscription. iFixit Pro empowers repair technicians to start and grow their business with free online repair guides, business development wikis, design/marketing resources, and a vibrant community of repair businesses online.

The Repair Business Toolkit is the companion to our online resources. Just like iFixit Pro is everything you need to know to start a repair business, the Repair Business Toolkit is everything you need to have to start a repair business.

It's Everything You Need to Start a Repair Business ¶ 

The foundation of the repair business toolkit is our favorite tool combo: the All-new Pro Tech Toolkit and Magnetic Project Mat. With these two items, the repair possibilities are nearly limitless. The Pro Tech toolkit has all the poking, prying, twisting, opening, lifting, grounding, and screwing tools you'll need on a daily basis. Meanwhile, the Magnetic Project Mat is the repairperson's personal assistant. Keeping notes, organizing screws and parts, this mat makes sure that your repair goes smoothly the first time and every time.

While the 64 Bit Driver Kit included in the Pro Tech Toolkit has a screwdriver bit for just about every screw under the sun, sometimes it's important and convenient to have a set of fixed-bladed drivers for the most common screw turning needs. We've included the Pro Tech Screwdriver Set set as a comprehensive set of screwdrivers dedicated to small electronics repair. Each screwdriver is made of high-quality SVCM steel with a rubberized, ergonomic grip and color-coded swiveling cap.

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Turning screws is just half the battle when it comes to opening electronics, so we've also included a bunch of extra opening tools, spudgers, opening picks, suction cups, and --for the adhesive removal-- an iOpener. The plastic of the opening tools and picks is designed to open up miniscule gaps in devices, yet yield before you break or scratch or damage the device you're working on. With the heavy duty lifting power of the suction cups, there won't be a panel you can't lift, especially when combined with the targeted heat application of the iOpener. If adhesive-laden devices like iPads give you a headache, then the iOpener is your ibuprofen—it's the easiest way to get at the insides of iPads and other glue-laden devices without using expensive hardware.

We wanted to make it easy to take your repairs on the road, so we designed the iFixit Messenger Bag specifically to fit all these tools. This fashionable and utilitarian bag comfortably fits all the tools in the Repair Business Toolkit as well as any laptop up to 15".

And finally, we want you to fix in style. So, we've included a Repair Manifesto, iFixit Skill Badge, and iFixit Lapel Pin.

Happy fixing!

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