Mail Backup X Is The Most Trusted Name In the Software Industry

Perfection is the key to success, and Mail Backup X software of Inventpure is perfect Email backup solution for securing your precious Email data that has professionally designed and fully automated software.

Perfection is the key to success, and Mail Backup X software of Inventpure is perfect Email backup solution for securing your precious Email data that has professionally designed and fully automated software. If you wish to assign high-grade security to your Emails items so that your data will remains safe and secure from all security dangers, then Mail Backup X is the best Program for Mac, ensuring you to keep A to Z email information protected in all situation. This backup utility specially designed for Mac users, as well as small and medium-sized businesses, are having an abundance of Email data for backup. Inventpure software is not only email backup solution, but also it works like Email conversion tool that automatically backup mails fro0m all major Email clients such as Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, Outlook Office 365 for Mac, Gmail Yahoo and other Mail services, etc. In few clicks, you can set the software to monitor preferred Mail client for backing up Emails as they reach your destination, the mail backup tool giving you option to set up the auto backup mode, manual and frequency (hourly, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) backup approach. So, you choose and set the mode, the software automatically backup you’re Emails, you don’t need to participate in backing up the process.

Let’s have a look at some of the advanced unique features of Mail backup X software that free you from all Email protection botheration:

• Check Mail Integrity: some Email clients choose only to download Email headers, and some chose Email attachments. Well if you forget to download any attachments or any other items of Mail message then the Mail Backup X software notify you of incomplete Mail data and also gives one-click option to fix it. Email Backup Mac tool display “Mail backup X detected uncached items in your Email client” and gives you single-click button “resolve this warning” to fix the incomplete items by forcing the server to download the messages and attachment.

• Backup Emails in increments: this software is very intelligent and versatile as it keeps you've backed up data in incremental order that makes sense. Most of the similar backup apps are not smart enough to give you systematic backups they are giving you repetitive backed up data because most of these are ordinary tools developed by less skilled programmers. But Backup Outlook Mac software of Inventpure saves your lots of disc space by adding only new Emails in a subsequent attempt. The Incremental Mail backup feature of this tool remembers the last backed up emails, so it finds the new Emails that are not yet backed up from Inbox, Drafts, Sent mail and All Mails, backup all the new Email data without any repetition.

• Mirror Mail Backup: mirror Backup feature is just replica (exact) copy of all Mailbox folders that the software backed up too. Mac Mail Backup and restore software helps you to setup mirror replicas of your backups, it will help you in the emergency when you miss the hard drive of having an original backup then mirror backup copy will prove very useful to you. Mirror backup feature of Mail backup X providing you double privacy protection as you can store replicas in multiple portable drives without any restriction.

• Distributed Mail Backup: in case of when your inbuilt storage space gets over then you can use portable drives to accumulate backup data, and distributed mail backup feature let you spread large size data into multiple disks. However, if you need to hoard 30 GB Emails database but you have 5 GB space in disks then Mail Backup Software offers to spread entire data in multiple volumes of portable disks. And if you miss drive 1, then you can start your work with next drive, lose of any disks can’t affect your work continuity. But if you purchase any other alternative for Mac mail backup, you will never find such a beneficial feature like Mail backup X providing you only for your convenience. In other tools, if you lost one portable drive then another drives are useless for you, you can’t be able to start your work with another drive that left with you.

• Simple Email backup management: there is no chance of privacy threats, your all backed up Emails data always stay with you as it was designed to store backed up data locally on your system while making you sure of the benefit from the commercial grade backup standard. Backup Email Mac software support all Emails from different Email clients and using single Proprietary Mail backup Format to store backed up data at one place. You need not amass Emails of different Email clients, new and old Emails, separately, once data get backed up you can read, search, and retrieval of any year old Emails from one single inbuilt viewer. Your all Emails data of different format such as .mbox, .olm, .pst, .rge, .eml etc organized in single robust inbuilt viewer. This feature of Mail Backup X software helps to keep your mailbox well organized and tidy.

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