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Anyone who has done electronics repair knows how irritating lost screws can be—if you’re lucky, you’ll end up with a slightly lighter laptop. If you’re unlucky, your $1,000 laptop will be brought to its knees by a $0.05 clip hiding under a table leg. Designed by fixers, for fixers, the 8”x10” Magnetic Project Mat solves this repair problem. Spacious and secure, the mat will catch and hold screws as you pull them out of a device.

Great for cell phone repairs, and you can stop worrying about screw tracking and focus on the cell phone; all the screws will be right where you left them. For laptops with hundreds of screws, use the whole mat as a screw guide and keep careful notes to not get lost.

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The included pen is uniquely suited for the Project Mat. It’s made by Staedtler, the German pen company that makes top-of-the-line pens and pencils for artists and architects. Their Lumocolor Correctable pen doesn’t smear or wipe away like most dry erase markers, so if you brush your hand across the mat while performing a repair, the ink doesn’t scratch or smear. However, the eraser tip or a dry cloth wipes the ink away clean.

This mat will enable you to work more smoothly and efficiently. Check out our video, and learn how it can make lost screws a problem of the past.

Tech Specs ¶ 

Mat ¶ 

Surface: Dry Erase

Length: 10 inches

Height: 8 inches

Thickness 0.105 inches

Pen ¶ 

Brand: Staedtler

Ink: Lumocolor Correctable

Color: Black

Tip Size: .6 mm

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