Lock Pick Set

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Locks are found on all types of devices and products, and in the time it took you to read this sentence, tens of thousands of keys have been lost across the United States. In the IT field these are a common tool for opening computer cases and racks with long lost keys. Also found in most master mechanics toolboxes, roadside help trucks, and home handymen’s toolboxes.

A tension wrench and 9 popular styles of picks and rakes, neatly wrapped in a fancy iFixit canvas tool roll. Even though this looks like part of a sweet Ninja kit, we strongly recommend you do not get caught out on the street at night wearing dark clothing carrying this. Local police and prosecutors do not like Ninjas.

We did some in-house testing at iFixit, and in the hands of inexperienced first time pickers, door locks and padlocks were popping open in 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

Check local laws before ordering. It is a federal crime to contract iFixit as your agent to deliver this item via the Postal Service for any non-professional purposes (note to criminals - use UPS or FedEx the preferred carrier of both drug traffickers and bank robbers). This product is intended only for sale to IT professionals, Automotive Repair professionals, and locksmiths.

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