Essential Electronics Toolkit

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This toolset cuts to the core of what it takes to open electronics of the modern era. A suction cup for screens, plastic opening tools for micro case seams, and 26 different screw bits for the myriad screw heads used in today’s industry.

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A great toolset in its own right, it works great if you have a whole slew of home electronic repairs to do, or if you only have one repair in mind and want a set that lasts. Except, of course, the blue plastic opening tools which are made from a soft plastic to prevent scratches on your shiny brick. Those should be considered single-use. Be sure to get extras if you need them.

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This is the toolkit one step before our super popular Pro Tech Toolkit. That powerhouse will take care of whatever screw and clip based problem you throw at it. Check it out, and weigh your options. Goldilocks would be proud.

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