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Revision to iPhone 4 Display Assembly (GSM)

Andrew Optimus Goldheart

[title|iPhone 4 Display Assembly (GSM)]
|type.0 = Part Only / Black
|part_#.0 = IF182-003-1
|supplier.0 = iFixit
|url.0 =
|type.1 = Part Only / White
|part_#.1 = IF182-003-2
|supplier.1 = iFixit
|url.1 =
|type.2 = Fix Kit / Black
|part_#.2 = IF182-003-2
|supplier.2 = iFixit
|url.2 =
|type.3 = Fix Kit / White
|part_#.3 = IF182-003-4
|supplier.3 = iFixit
|url.3 =
A tested replacement for iPhone 4. We test each panel for dead touch zones, and superficial glass damage. Consider also getting our Screen Protector which come with an unlimited replacement warranty for the life of your device.