GripStick headphone plug extraction tool

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GripStick Instructions

1. If your GripStick came with a piece of rubber on the tip, please remove it before first use. The rubber tip is there to protect the tip during shipment.

2. First, try to shake off any loose pieces from the broken headphone plug that may fall off the jack. Depending on how your plug broke, these might be pieces like the outer cylindrical shells that form the metal contacts of the plug.

3. Then, try pushing the GripStick into the device by hand. Since not all devices have the same tolerances it may or may not go in easily. If pushing it by hand does not work, try to very lightly and slowly tap it in. It should go in about the same length of a headphone plug. Don't push it in too far with force as it could bend the tip.

4. If your plug broke in such a way it left the cylindrical metal shell inside the jack, then pay special attention when inserting the GripStick such that its tip slide between the outer side of the cylinder and the jack wall. Make sure the tip of the GripStick does not get caught on the inside of the cylinder shell, as it will never work if it does.

5. IMPORTANT: Do not twist the GripStick when either pushing it in or pulling it out. This could damage the connectors in the device because of the slot in the GripStick.

6. It may help to hold the device with the headphone jack upside down while pulling the GripStick out so that if the broken piece comes loose, gravity will allow it to fall out.

7. Make sure you get all of the broken piece out. If you only got part of it and then try to push a headphone plug into the jack, it could jam the remaining piece to where it can't be removed or it might damage the connectors.

8. When pulling the GripStick out, try pinching the GripStick with your fingers as you pull. This will help grip the broken piece and pull it out. Pinch the GripStick closest to the device as possible. If this does not work, you may need to use a pair of pliers (preferably needlenose) and grip and pinch, again closest to the device as possible, as you slowly pull out. In some devices you may have to pinch with significant pressure. If you bend the GripStick when squeezing that should be fine as long as you make sure it is in all the way.

Note:​Depending on how the headphone plug was broken off in the device, it may not be possible to be removed without disassembling the device and therefore the GripStick would not work in that situation. Also, the jack connectors could have been damaged when the plug was initially broken off in the device and even if you get the broken piece out, the headphone jack may be damaged.

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