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Feeding a fish

If you wish to feed a fish daily or at regular intervals, you should know how you should feed them. If you are planning to feed them once in a while, this should still be an interesting post for you.

Feeding a fish is not just a hobby; it is a duty that should be done correctly.

Here are some tips that should be read and understood before you schedule your planner with a session.


There are so many fishes in this world. Randomly providing the same food item to every fish is not the best thing to do. You might have noticed that some of the fishes stay away from food items fed to them while others grab it. The simple reason behind it is that your chosen food item is preferred by some fishes only.

So, it is important to research your fish species. Some fishes are omnivores; some are carnivores while some are herbivores.

However, in some cases, you might notice that a herbivores fish is not interested in the food item their category of fishes eats. In this case, it is important to find fish food that is specific to the fish.

Pick fish good according to the fish’s mouth size

This is important because you don’t want the fishes to spend hours and hours on breaking down a food item and then eat it. So, pick items depending on the fish’s mouth shape and size.

How much should one feed the fishes?

Check out the instructions noted on the packet or can. It depends on the item you have chosen. Read the instructions on the can or packet before dumping the entire packet or can in the fish tank.

If the instructions are not clear or not noted at all, ask an expert. If that doesn’t help, research for the same online.

Look for high-quality fish food

There are so many companies that are in the business. So, it can be confusing. Look for some online reviews and even ask the aquarium hobbyists to guide you with some options so that you don’t feel poor quality fish food to the fishes.

How many times should one feed a fish?

Feeding a fish is a hobby. You should feed them once or twice in a day. However, it depends on the type of fish. Every fish has a different need. So, it is important to know about their cycle.

Spread it out

If you have bought enough fish food to feed more than one fish, make sure that you spread it out so that every fish can have something to eat. It so happens that the aggressive or larger fish might not leave enough food for other fishes. This can affect the health of the larger fish too.

So, take care about spreading it evenly.

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