Apple Mail Export Mailbox to Outlook 2011

It is obvious that you will need a powerful, quick and efficient convertor to move your Apple Mail export Mailbox to Outlook 2011.

It is obvious that you will need a powerful, quick and efficient convertor to move your Apple Mail export Mailbox to Outlook 2011. A simple and common way is to follow a two-step process of migrating Apple Mail to Outlook is by converting the Apple Mail ('.EMLX') files to '.OLM' file first and then importing it into Outlook for Mac. You can view the RGE file after importing it into Outlook for Mac. Following are two important steps that allow Apple Mail export mailbox to Outlook 2011.

Steps for Apple Mail export Mailbox:

Step 1: Convert EMLX files to OLM file

Step 2: Import OLM file into Outlook 2011

Mentioned below are a few salient features of such conversion software that help Apple Mail export Mailbox conversions. Such tools are capable of extracting emails from Apple Mail folders such as Inbox, Drafts, Sent, and Notes and can convert the folders to '.OLM' file while preserving the original formatting. The generated '.OLM' file can then be imported into Outlook for Mac and used to access all the migrated emails.

The MBOX file is another form of archiving files that allows import and restore of messages. Follow simple steps for exporting a Mailbox such as open the Mail application, then right click on the folder that you want to export, and select “Export Mailbox” Select a location to save the exported files. The MBOX file will be created and stored in the location that was selected and voila – A copy of the Apple Mail waits.

Most Apple Mail export Mailbox to Outlook 2011 tools do not remove data completely or modify the data. Hence there is no chance of data corruption or loss. Some tools maintain e-mails structure as the original mails before conversion. A few sophisticated tools use good and strong algorithms that help to maintain data intact without corrupting it.

While some tools cause damages to data during the migration process and are unable to maintain hierarchical email structures due to weak algorithms that extract email messages and may damage or spoil data during the migration process

Salient Features of Sophisticated and Powerful Apple Mail export Mailbox Tools:

1. User Friendly Interface that is interactive

2. Migration is safe and risk free

3. Convert email attachments as well as the email messages, journal entries, tasks, etc.

4. Support many platforms

5. Generate detailed log reports

6. Allow search and save OLM files in case user has forgotten the location

Importing Converted Files after Apple Mail export Mailbox to Outlook for Mac

Open Outlook for Mac, the File menu has an option to ‘Import’. There is an option provided to choose 'Entourage information from archive or older version' after which you can proceed to the next step. Select archive .OLM file and proceed. Select the '.OLM' file you want to import and hit 'Import'. And all your Apple Mails will be intact on Outlook for Mac.

There are two available versions in for these conversion tools, demo version and licensed version. In the demo version you can preview the body of the email and its subject, but you will not be able to view all attachment details. To view, read and save all the emails and attachments for later use the users need to purchase the full version of the conversion software.

Pre-requisite for Apple Mail export Mailbox to Outlook 2011:

The user must have Apple Mail file (EMLX) to initiate the conversion process. But to use the contents of the converted OLM files, the user must have the required Microsoft Outlook 2011 email client installed on the system.

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