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64 Bit Driver Kit

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Purposefully Designed ¶ 

Each bit in the 64 Bit Driver Kit has a purpose. From game console controllers, to wearables, to canadian sheet metal, each bit is useful and specific. No superfluous bits, no filler items, just deliberate research for the most capable set of screwdriver bits.

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Maximum Performance ¶ 

When it comes to turning screws, there's no substitute for quality. When you use the 64 Bit Driver Handle, you'll know that you're wielding ultimate repair power. With the three-sided high-torque zone, you'll be able to drive and release even the toughest screws. Closer to the tip of the driver is the knurled precision zone, providing lots of grip for delicate screw spinning. All that screwing is assisted by the blue-anodized swivel cap, giving you the quickest, comfiest, coolest screwdriver around.

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