Software Quality Engineering Intern

The quality of our work is of utmost importance, and our software is no exception. As a Software Quality Assurance Engineering Intern at iFixit you will work very closely with the rest of our web development team to create new test strategies to automatically test iFixit & Dozuki features before deploying them live to millions of users worldwide. This entry level position is a great opportunity to get real-world experience in the Software Engineering Industry.

At iFixit, we take QA Engineering very seriously. Code does not get shipped until our test-suite says it's good to go.

You will become an expert in all layers of the web development stack. You will also get to work with an assortment of automation tools on a daily basis.

Your responsibilities will include improving our:

  • Selenium tests
    • Design and implement your own test strategies.
    • Take advantage of a cluster of test machines using Selenium Grid.
  • Parallel test runner
    • Focus on optimizing the speed of our automated test suite through parallelization
  • Perceptual image diffs
    • Cutting edge visual testing technology
  • Code deployment process
    • You will deploy finished features to millions of users worldwide, every day
  • Continuous integration server
  • Automated test suite
    • We have many types of automated tests:
      • Unit
      • Functional
      • Integration
      • Analysis

Our ideal candidate has some experience in a few of the following technologies that you'll use on a daily basis: Selenium, HTML/CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Bash, Python, Ruby, and PHPUnit. But we're more interested in people that learn fast than walking encyclopedias.

We want you to:

  • Have a passion for automating everything.
  • Be able to multitask in a high paced environment. We deploy code multiple times throughout the day, every day.
  • Think outside of the box to come up with your own test strategies/implementations.
  • Enjoy constantly learning more.

You will play a pivotal role on our development team. We believe in minimizing manual work by automating as much as possible. You have the final say on when code should be deployed live; you will be our last line of defense against bugs.

This position is extremely challenging but very rewarding. This job requires working part-time during school and full-time during summer.

We highly emphasize Engineering in this role as you will be contributing heavily to our Automated Testing Infrastructure.

Make a PDF of your resume as well as a short cover letter explaining two things: why you're badass, and why you're the ideal candidate for this job.

Bonus points if you include a description of a bug you found while browsing our site, and how you would ensure the bug never crops up again.

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