Managing Users

Overview ¶ 

User Info is part of the Management Console and allows administrators to search, view, edit, message and moderate all users on the site.

Learn more about the different functions of the Management Console here.

Finding a User ¶ 

There are multiple methods that can be used to find a user, depending on if you are searching for a specific user, or wish to browse users with a particular privilege.

If you know a user's account name, email address, or user ID you may search for them directly. You do not need to know their name or email exactly in order for them to show up in search results. For example, if you're looking for Joe Schmo, whose email is, you can simply search for "Joe." Be warned: all users with "Joe" in their account name or email address will appear in the search results as well. If you type in a number by itself in the search bar, it will only return the user with that exact ID.

Browsing by Privilege ¶ 

Below the search bar you will find privilege sorting options to narrow your search, or browse through a specific group of members. Perhaps you know that Joe is a moderator, so in addition to searching for "Joe" using the search bar, you might select 'Moderator' to hide all users named Joe who are not moderators. You may also use these items to browse through all users with a specific privilege, such as all administrators.

Administrator Actions ¶ 

As much fun as it is to look people up for no particular reason, User Info is also an efficient tool for administrator actions, such as changing privileges, moderating members, and sending messages.

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Editing Privileges ¶ 

The drop-down privilege menu allows you to easily edit any user's privilege. You may remove administrator privileges from accounts that no longer need them, add moderator or administrator privileges, or purchase more administrator privileges.

Moderating Users ¶ 

All online communities and forums have rules and guidelines, and there are consequences for breaking them. The 'Moderate' button next to any user will take you to a menu of moderation actions. Each moderation action includes a description of what happens when applied to a user, ranging from simply removing reputation points to banning a member for whatever amount of time is seen fit.

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Banning Users ¶ 

Though the other moderation tools are more self-explanatory, there is a lot more to banning someone than meets the eye. Banning a member should be a last resort option, exercised only when someone shows a complete lack of desire to comply with moderators and administrators.

Banning invalidates a user's login for a specified amount of time. That person will automatically be logged out and will not be able to log in or have any interaction on the site.

If the banned user attempts to log in again, the message "This account has been temporarily suspended" will be displayed and the login attempt will be denied. Once the duration specified by the banning administrator has elapsed, the user's email address becomes valid and login/community interaction are restored.

Sending a Message ¶ 

The 'Message' button for each user allows an administrator to send an email to the email address provided by that member. Contacting a member directly should come before any moderating action against a user, unless the user's actions are especially flagrant or offensive.

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