Ways to Navigate Answers

Question Categories ¶ 

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Questions are sorted into different tabs for easy navigation.

Active ¶ 

The Active tab opens by default on Answers. This tab shows you all questions that are currently active. Feel free to use a filter (located under the number of active questions) to view either all questions or only your questions. Use the search bar on the right side of the tab to easily search through the question archives.

Moderation ¶ 

The Moderation tab is the second tab in Answers. Here you can moderate and see the status of votes on flagged posts. Members with at least 100 reputation may flag questionable answers, comments, or questions and send them to this area. Moderation is a like a jury box. Once posts are flagged, the community may vote on what action should be taken with the content.

Tags ¶ 

The Tags tab is the third tab in Answers. Find the tags that members have added to help categorize questions under this tab. If you're looking for information about a broad category, just click on the tag to bring up all answers tagged about that topic.

Categories ¶ 

The Categories tab is the fourth tab in Answers. Use this tab to find questions that are grouped by category. Just click on a category to bring up all the questions and answers about it.

Users ¶ 

The Users tab is the final tab in Answers. This page lists users in order of their reputation. Users also earn badges by being active on the site and by completing different accomplishments.

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