Overview ¶ 

The Answers feature helps you to grow a community of experts around your site by empowering users to help each other with their projects. All information on Answers is collaboratively edited by the community (private or public) and administrators. If a user asks an interesting question or writes a useful answer, other people may categorize it with tags or edit the text. The goal of Answers is to build a database of solutions that is useful for years to come.

This is a general overview to help get you started with the features and benefits of using Answers. The Answers layout, by default, sorts posts by recent activity. On Answers, a question's title, category, tags, and the latest action on the question are visible at a glance. Here's an example:

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Ways to Navigate Answers ¶ 

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Get around Answers by clicking the tabs along the top of the page. These tabs help you to search specific categories of Answers, view questions requiring moderation, find relevant tags for an issue, browse questions by category, and view all users on Answers. You can find a more indepth description of each tab in the link below.

Asking a Question ¶ 

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You can ask a question from three locations:

  • From the home page of Answers
  • From a category page
  • From a step-by-step guide

Before asking a question, search to make sure a similar question has not already been answered. If it's your first time asking a question, you will be greeted with some tips to help make your question awesome.

Moderation ¶ 

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As the community grows, moderating Answers becomes more and more important. In the Moderation tab you can curate good content and cull inappropriate messages, like spam, in Answers.

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