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Back up all your data before the repair, and touch something metal, like a radiator to get rid of any static charges. The repair is a little more difficult and you need 60-90 minutes.

We recommend these tools for this repair: Pentalobe screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, Y-type screwdriver, pick, suction cup, spatula, tweezers and spudger. You also need a heat gun to unglue the display.

The Y-type screws have also been called tri-point or tri-wing screws. Tri-point screwdrivers don't fit right and can strip your screw heads. Use a Y-type screwdriver that fits well (Wiha Picofinish Y000).

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are we able to repair ourselves or do we need to send to apple directly. unlike other iPhones i have been told that aftermarket parts wont work

James Turner - Reply

Hola, en dond s puede adquirir la pantalla del iPhone X ??.

Fernando - Reply

Where can you buy the iphone x screen?

Fernando - Reply

replacement of rear camera of iphone x

pankaj - Reply

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