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Repair electronics

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1 — Opening the handpiece

      Seen from below, the handpiece is oval-shaped. Wrap with a cloth, with a pair of pliers, a nutcracker or similar. start where the feet are and put the oval in a circle. At the same time, press the handpiece upside down, ie with the metal shank in front, onto a wooden base, whereby the inner life is expelled.

      Step 2 — Remove handpiece base

      Remove the underside of the handpiece by carefully lifting the tabs at the two farthest vertexes of the oval with a small screwdriver.

      Step 3 — Remove the rubber pad from the motherboard

      Remove the rubber pad from the motherboard

      Step 4 — Remove plastic cap from metal shaft

      Use a puller to remove the plastic cap from the metal shaft to expose the defective rubber boot.

      Step 5 — Clean items

      Thoroughly clean all housing parts with water and cloth.

      Step 6 — Repair electronics

      Place the inner workings of the handpiece without housing parts in a container in such a way that the main board points downwards and the battery points upwards.

      Step 7 — Replace rubber sleeve

      The defective rubber sleeve on the metal shaft must be replaced. A spare part is available for less than € 4 on eBay under the following designation: "Philips electric toothbrush Waterproof sealing parts for HX6730 HX6930 HX9340».

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