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Geberit toilet flushing Replacement of the seal

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1 — Remove cover (flush-mounted model)

      Lift pressure plate from bottom to top, then remove

      Step 2 — Surface model

      Grab left and right and pull up quite vigorously.

      Step 3

      Be sure to turn off the water inlet, e.g. at this corner tap.

      Step 4 — The valve

      The filling valve. Photo 1 with the surface box.

      Step 5 — Disconnect water inlet

      With a water pump pliers, you loosen the union nut on the valve. So it is separated from the water inlet.

      Step 6 — Lift out the valve

      With the surface-mounted box you can simply push the valve upwards.

      Step 7

      Here you can see the parts of the valve. The seal is the red dot!

      Step 8

      Now the seal has to be removed and replaced. It is sometimes difficult to find out. Try a small screwdriver.

      Step 9

      When reassembling you have to make sure that the release lever engages correctly again. Use a screwdriver if necessary.

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