Translating step 5

Step 5
  • 用脱脂棉粘上酒精或者一点点水先将表面沾湿,然后用2500目的细砂纸转圈轻轻打磨。

  • 可以看到比较严重的划痕已经磨平了,打磨过的地方变白了,同时光滑的表面变成雾面了。

  • 这一步骤根据情况可以进行多次。

Wet the surface with cotton and alcohol (or water), and use P2500 sandpaper to polish the surface.

Most of the scratches should now look smooth. The shiny surface should have become matte.

Depending on the state of the case, you can redo this step several times.

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