Huawei Honor 8 Screen Replacement

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1 — Remove the back casing

      Heat the parts marked in red on the back side of the phone with a hair dryer or heat gun.

      Step 2 — Disconnect the rear window

      Remove the screw on the metal plate which protects the fingerprint sensor cable

      Step 3 — Remove the protection from the motherboard

      Remove the 16 screws with a Phillips screwdriver.

      Step 4 — Take off the battery

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      Step 5 — Prepare to take off the screen

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      Step 6 — Take off the screen

      insert the iSesamo between the screen and the chassis

      Step 7 — Clean the frame

      Carefully remove the pieces of glass and the adhesive on the frame

      Step 8 — Paste the new screen

      Glue the screen on the frame by passing the sheet through the hole provided for this purpose

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