Head Cleaning v3

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1 — Setup the printer

      With the printer on, go into the menu screen and select the option "Quick Configuration".

      Step 2 — Repositing table

      When the table is in the position indicated by the picture, press the Reset button in the left side of the machine, as it is indicated.

      Step 3 — Repositioning the head

      With the table in position push the head, manually, to the center of the machine to facilitate handling.

      Step 4 — Removing the nozzle

      Position the 17mm Fixed Key as indicated in the picture, locking the inner part of the head to prevent the nozzle head from turning.

      Step 5 — Removing the upper PTFE

      With your hands, pull out the PTFE tube from the printhead by pressing the black part of the part where the tube is seated

      Step 6 — Removing internal PTFE

      By positioning the drill bit into the indicated hole, push it down until the inner PTFE comes out from under the head (where the nozzle hole is).

      Step 7 — Replacement and cleaning

      Finish removing the internal PTFE and replacing it with a new one or cleaning it.

      Step 8 — Rethinking the head

      Replace the nozzle at the bottom of the printhead and the PTFE at the top, pushing it all the way with your hands.

      Step 9 — Returning the table to position i...

      Reposition the table in the "Home XYZ" menu option in the fast settings section and wait until it is in the position indicated by the figure

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