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Asus ZenFone 2 Laser ZE550KL Display Replacement

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1 — SIM and battery removal

      Remove the back cover.

      Step 2 — Remove the screws

      unscrew the 15 screws

      Step 3 — Internal back cover

      remove the plastic cap with opening picks making sure not to break the hooks that hold it in place

      Step 4 — Flat cable display

      disconnect the two lifts by lifting the white stopper

      Step 5 — Rear speaker

      with the help of a spudger remove the rear speaker

      Step 6 — Motherboard

      starting from the bottom lift the motherboard

      Step 7 — Frame Assembly

      Mother board.

      Step 8 — Touchscreen driver

      disconnect the touchscreen driver to remove the screen

      Step 9 — screen removal

      with the help of a hair dryer or an iOpener remove the screen from the phone's frame

      Step 10 — Preparation of the new screen

      Remove glue residues on the perimeter of the frame

      Step 11 — screen gluing

      apply the double-sided adhesive to the frame

      Step 12 — New screen

      Replace or reposition the dust cover of the front camera before installing the new screen

      Step 13 — Reassembly

      Refit the logic board

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