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Reely Carbon Fighter Brushless Motorritzel Replacement

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trim loss

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1

      If there is an additional main sprocket and engine sprocket protection (not serial condition), this must be removed first. To do this, all marked screws must be turned out with a PH1 screwdriver. These are two different screws.

      Step 2

      Then remove the red marked screw (PH1) on the underside (hold the green marked part),

      Step 3

      To loosen the pinion, the grub screw that fixes it to the motor output shaft must be loosened. For this you need a 1.5mm Imbus.

      Step 4

      When pushing the new part onto the shaft, please note that it has a flattened side. At this the grub screw (marked in green) should rest.

      Step 5

      Then the distance of the two gears to each other should be adjusted correctly. Too big a game makes sure that the teeth consume early, with too little play it can not be turned anymore.

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