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Bosch 81466 disassembly

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1

      Disconnect the vacuum cleaner from the mains! The repair works on open contacts - risk of electric shock!

      Step 2

      Loosen and remove four TORX-15 screws (2 on the dust bag, 2 on the back under the outlet filter) (leave the two TORX-15s in the handle)

      Step 3

      Now the motor can be taken out vertically together with electronics.

      Step 4

      Black plastic formwork around the engine is engaged with two side tabs. Carefully fold up and separate, remembering cable routing and fleece layer!

      Step 5

      Assembly: Motor with fleece and motor shell provided, lead cable again through the slot.

      Step 6

      Fit the handle top and fix the motor, screw tight. Insert impact protection edge on lower part.

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