Disabling the touch function

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1

      First disconnect all the cables to avoid doing some damage to both player and yourself.

      Step 2

      At the back of the Player you'll find 4 #2 Phillips screws.

      Step 3

      Now there are two possibilities:

      Step 4

      Just be sure, you have disconnected the white ribbon from the mainboard, so you wouldn't damage the connector while taking the front cover off.

      Step 5

      Now you can take the spudger and open the little black clip on the connector holding the brown touch sensor ribbon.

      Step 6

      Get the spudger and lift the small black clip on the white connector where the brown touch control ribbon is connected to the board.

      Step 7

      After you have worked the magic don't forget to reconnect the white ribbon.

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