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Translating step 1

Step 1
  • 下記の3つのネジを外してください:

  • ケースの真ん中にあるの長さ11mmのPhillips #000ネジ(ネジ頭:直径5mm,厚さ0.75mm)が一つ

  • 長さ14.5mmのPhillips #000ネジ(ネジ頭:直径5mm,厚さ0.75mm)が二つ

  • もしネジがケースに引っ付いてしまう場合、磁気付きドライバーでくっつけるとネジを外すことが出来ます。

  • 三つの内で一番短いネジが真ん中にきます。

Please remove the following three screws:

One Phillips # 000 screw (screw head: diameter 5 mm, thickness 0.75 mm) of 11 mm in length in the middle of the case is one

Two Phillips # 000 screws (screw head: diameter 5 mm, thickness 0.75 mm) with a length of 14.5 mm are two

If the screw will get stuck to the case, you can remove the screw by sticking with a magnetic driver.

The shortest screw among the three comes in the middle.

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