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Disc Brake Shimano BR-M445 Brake Pads Replacement

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1

      Disconnect the hub dynamo connector

      Step 2 — Remove the front wheel

      Loosen the clamping screw with 4mm Allen key / Allen and remove the front wheel from the fork.

      Step 3 — Pull out the cotter pin

      Press the cotter pin together with the pointed pliers at the ends and pull out.

      Step 4 — Remove brake pads

      Push the squeaky brake pads out with the needle nose pliers. (For heavily worn brake pads, push the brake pistons outwards).

      Step 5 — Insert new brake pads

      Insert the new brake pads together with the spring into the caliper.

      Step 6 — Insert safety pin

      Insert the new split pin and gently press the ends apart with the needle nose pliers.

      Step 7 — Install front wheel

      Insert the front wheel into the fork and tighten the axle bolt with the 4mm Allen key / Allen key.

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