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Tablet Chuwe 10.1 Touch Screen Replacement

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1

      We must use a plastic guitar pick or in the case that you do not have one, a plastic card can do us helpful (credit card)

      Step 2

      Slowly, insert the pick pressing it and swinging it along the perimeter of the tablet's body

      Step 3

      Carefully loosen with your fingers the back and place the tablet face down on a flat and clean surface tablet

      Step 4

      the speaker is screwed next to the touch chassis, we must release the screw and place it in a visible place, the speaker will remain with adhesive tape next to the battery

      Step 5

      With the help of the pua or the fingers, we must release the data FLEX from the connection, making a small upward pressure

      Step 6

      Careful! The FLEX cable that joins the front and rear camera, will be completely loose, we must place it in a clean place for later assembly.

      Step 7

      we will have a third FLEX on the motherboard, we must do the same method to press up on the connector until it is released, carefully these FLEX are easy to break.

      Step 8

      now with the help of a Phillips screwdriver, we must release the three screws that hold the base plate of the touch screen chassis, and the sensor with positive and negative cables, we can help with the fingers in a smooth way.

      Step 9

      carefully, we already have the loose base plate of the touch chassis, we look at the various grips that connect the touch screen with the LCD and with the tine and small balancing we are doing pressure to separate touch and LCD screen.

      Step 10

      Following these steps we have loosen our LCD screen and the carcass of the touch screen, now we must look for the reference number that appears on the FLEX cable of the touch screen so we can order a new one

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