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Translating step 8

Step 8
Rear-facing chips:
  • Rear-facing chips:

  • Avago ACPM-7717 Multiband Multimode Power Amplifier

  • Qualcomm WCD9330 Audio Codec

  • SlimPort ANX7816 Ultra-HD Transmitter

  • Qualcomm PM8994 Power Management IC

  • NXP 47883 NFC Controller

  • Qualcomm QFE2101 antenna tuner (likely)

  • Texas Instruments TAS2552 4 W smart amplifier w/ speaker protection

Chips traseros:

Amplificador de Potencia multimodo multibanda Avago ACPM-7717

Qualcomm WCD9330 Audio Codec

Transmisor Ultra HD SlimPort ANX7816

CI Administrador de Potencia Qualcomm PM8994

Controlador NFC NXP 47883

[* black] Rear-facing chips:
[* red] Avago [|ACPM-7717|new_window=true] Multiband Multimode Power Amplifier
[* orange] Qualcomm WCD9330 Audio Codec
[* yellow] SlimPort [|ANX7816|new_window=true] Ultra-HD Transmitter
[* green] Qualcomm PM8994 Power Management IC
[* light_blue] NXP [|47883|new_window=true] NFC Controller
[* blue] Qualcomm QFE2101 antenna tuner (likely)
[* violet] Texas Instruments [link||TAS2552] 4 W smart amplifier w/ speaker protection

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