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Logitech VX Revolution Teardown

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1

      Remove the receiver.

      Step 2

      Remove the 5 skatepads carefully using a scalpel and tweezers or small pliers. Do not throw them away if you do not have a replacement at hand.

      Step 3

      Open the device as shown in the image without force.

      Step 4

      The assembly consists after the removal of the screw (left) of a plastic part laying on the PCB and the main assembly.

      Step 5

      The battery case lays loosely in top of the base assembly and is connected to the main PCB using a small connector.

      Step 6

      The case for the receiver is not securerd by any screw and may be removed by lifting it out of the mous with a little force.

      Step 7

      Backside of the PCB. The markings illustrate the positions of the mouse buttons (type D2FC-F-7N).

      Step 8

      Follow the previous steps in reverse for reassembly.

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