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Translating step 7

Step 7
Interconnect board, continued:
  • Interconnect board, continued:

  • Nexperia (formerly NXP Semiconductor) LSF0101 1-bit bidirectional multi-voltage level translator

  • Texas Instruments SN74AXC1T45 dual-supply bus transceiver

  • Texas Instruments SN74AUP1G17 Schmitt trigger (likely)

Verbindungsplatine, Fortsetzung

Nexperia (formerly NXP Semiconductor) LSF0101 1-Bit bidirektionaler Vielfachspannungspegelwandler

Texas Instruments SN74AXC1T45 Bus Transceiver, zweifachversorgt

Texas Instruments SN74AUP1G17 Schmitt Trigger (vermutlich)

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