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SONOS ZP100 Network Card Replacement

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1 — Lets begin!

      With the SONOS ZP100 (ZonePlayer) you can use external speakers to play your music that is streamed to the Sonos ZP100 via WiFi or cable.

      Step 2 — Remove cover

      The upper cover is fastened with two retaining lugs on the front and two on the sides.

      Step 3

      Gently try to lift one side with a metal spudger. Make sure not to press in the retaining lug directly, as it can break off very easily.

      Step 4 — Remove the screws from the upper case

      Using the precision tweezers to remove the sticker in the center of the top chassis.

      Step 5

      Now turn the device over so you can remove the screws on the bottom.

      Step 6 — Remove the rubber feet

      Use a spudger to remove the four stuck-on rubber feet. If necessary, use some heat (iOpener / hair dryer) to be able to loosen the feet better.

      Step 7 — Remove the base plate

      Remove the four 10 mm Phillips screws in the countersinks.

      Step 8

      Lift the bottom lid up and set it aside. You will need it again.

      Step 9

      Remove the four 10 mm Phillips screws on the bottom.

      Step 10

      For a better stand and to avoid damaging the antenna, put the lower cover back on and turn the device over.

      Step 11 — Remove the upper case

      Lift the top lid straight up on both sides.

      Step 12

      On the underside of the cover between the screws there are two heat conducting pads that transfer the heat generated from the amplifier-board to the case.

      Step 13 — Remove the WiFi card

      Press both tabs outwards with our fingernails.

      Step 14

      Pull the 10-pin flat connector straight off towards the front of the device.

      Step 15 — Loosen the screws on the network card

      Remove the four 7 mm Phillips screws securing the network card to the case.

      Step 16 — Lift the network card

      Lift the network card up at an angle and pull it together with the ethernet ports towards the front a little bit out of its fixing on the back.

      Step 17 — Remove the ribbon cable

      Press the two tabs evenly away from the connector.

      Step 18 — Turn the network card to the side

      Now you can turn the network card further outwards so it is easier to get to the next connector.

      Step 19 — Remove the power connection

      Remove the power cable from the network card. The plug is secured by a plastic tab. Push the nose away from the connector to pull it out.

      Step 20 — Remove network card

      The network card is now completely separated and cut from the power supply.

      Step 21 — Detach ribbon cable from Network Adapter board

      Press the two tabs evenly away from the socket.

      Step 22 — Network card

      Front and back of the network card.

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