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Translating step 17

Step 17
mmWave goodbye, high 5Gs all around! This teardown is a wrap.
  • mmWave goodbye, high 5Gs all around! This teardown is a wrap.

  • It’s shaping up to be a 5G world, and Apple’s living in it. It seems like they made some serious compromises to make way for shiny new 5G components.

  • The new battery is gaunt and relatively low-tech, no longer an elegant L. The logic board has ballooned in size, giving up the gains in miniaturization from recent years. The Taptic Engine seems smaller, and the speakers are a new shape—maybe not diminished, but different.

  • It's odd to see such concessions to this nascent technology. Of all the possible Apple innovations, this feels the least inventive. But! At least Apple didn't give up their tried-and-true screen and battery repair procedures.

  • That said, the iPhone 12's repairability score comes with a huge, ugly asterisk. We've laid out some troubling findings in a followup article: Is This the End of the Repairable iPhone?

  • Before we score it though, there's one more thing.


新バッテリーは旧型で、あのエレガントなL字型は過去のものです。Taptic Engineは小さくなり、スピーカーは新しい形状をしています。縮小していないようですが、前モデルとは異なるスピーカーです。



とはいうものの、iPhone 12のリペアビリティスコアには重要で残念なお知らせがあります。”Is This the End of the Repairable iPhone?”英語版ブログの中で、iPhone 12のカメラを同モデルに置換すると、上手く稼働しない問題を取り上げています。


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