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Check the Jura ENA micro 9 brew assembly

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Jura ENA micro 9 opening procedure

Dismantle the Jura ENA micro 9 brewing assembly

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1

      The drive is on the left, the pulp shovel can be seen on the right.

      Step 2

      Disengage the brown pulp shovel at the top.

      Step 3

      Remove the two Torx T20 machine screws that secure the drive to the upper piston.

      Step 4

      In this step the two side covers are removed. They are each locked in four places, some of which are hidden.

      Step 5

      In this step, the two guide plates on the left and right are removed

      Step 6

      Slide the drainage valve down and out.

      Step 7

      Here you can see the current status

      Step 8

      In the following step the lower piston is released.

      Step 9

      Unscrew the Phillips screw in the sieve of the lower piston and disassemble the piston.

      Step 10

      Unscrew the Phillips screw on the sieve of the upper piston and lift the sieve off.

      Step 11

      The brew assembly is now dismantled. Now you have to clean all parts thoroughly, replace the seals on the upper and lower pistons, and thinly grease them and the cylinder wall with food-safe silicone. Now the drainage valve should also be revised.

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