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Jura ENA micro 9 opening procedure

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1

      Pull out the power plug!

      Step 2

      First the covers on top have to be loosened. The side panels can then be pushed back. The process is a bit tricky.

      Step 3

      Use the spudger to press in on both sides of the marked area. Then the front cover around the on / off switch is unlocked. You can then lift it up at the front and pull it out at an angle.

      Step 4

      Flip up the front cover.

      Step 5

      This is what it looks like when the two lids are gone. A lot of dirt built up.

      Step 6

      The side parts are pushed out to the rear. However, they are secured with two screws and a lock at the top and a wedge-shaped catch on the sides.

      Step 7

      The lock is located under the Jura badge on the back. Turn it counterclockwise about 20 degrees, then you can remove it.

      Step 8

      This is what it looks like underneath. The lock is secured with an oval head screw. It looks like a rivet. To open you need a special oval head bit, in an emergency you can use pliers.

      Step 9

      The side parts are held at the top and bottom with three hooks each. Therefore, they have to be moved backwards to detach them. However, they are secured against shifting with wedge-shaped notches at the front. The next step shows how they can be solved.

      Step 10

      Lay the machine on its side.

      Step 11

      Push the side panel firmly backwards. It may get stuck a bit and you need to use a plastic pry tool to help.

      Step 12

      Release the catches on the top of the inner cover.

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