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Synology DS1019+ - a complete disassembly in rules

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[ ]Démontage intégral du NAS Synology DS1019+

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1 — Presentation: the different faces of the case

      Here are the different interesting faces of the case: front (bay disks), rear (connectors and fans), below (2 hatches SSD).

      Step 2 — Unlock the disk media

      Before teardown, unlock the disk media with the key.

      Step 3 — Removes disks from the bay

      Since the media are unlocked, remove each disk media.

      Step 4 — Backplane and memory slot access

      This is a significant innovation, the memory is now directly accessible and without disassembly of the housing, for the original bar as for the extension port.

      Step 5 — Housing: hood removal 1/2

      Remove the 2 screws on the back of the case at the top and bottom (not the one above the USB port)

      Step 6 — Housing: hood removal 2/2

      Slide the cover forward, then slide it out (here, to the left).

      Step 7 — Internal parts: presentation

      in red: SSD M.2 expansion card 2280

      Step 8 — USB 3 port removal

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      Step 9 — Removing fan clips

      Remove the screws from the two shims to secure the disc cage and the two fans.

      Step 10 — Remove motherboard from the hood 1/2

      4 Phillips screws must be removed from two side.

      Step 11 — Remove motherboard from the hood 2/2

      Here, the motherboard is still secure to the disk cage.

      Step 12 — Unsecure the motherboard from the metal cover

      Once the motherboard is out, unscrew the 4 screws of the metal protective cover (metal plate).

      Step 13 — Motherboard: processor side

      Motherboard processor side

      Step 14 — Motherboard: memory side

      Memory side of the motherboard (pre-equipped with 8 GB of RAM)

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