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Samsung Galaxy A51 Display replacement

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1

      Power your phone off and use the Sim eject tool to remove your SIM card.

      Step 2

      Heat up the back screen of the phone for about 5 minutes at a temperature 65°C to be able to remove it.

      Step 3

      Slowly and carefully lift up the back screen to remove it.

      Step 4

      Unscrew each screw with the 4 mm Philips screwdriver #00.

      Step 5

      Disconnect the battery (1)

      Step 6

      Heat the display of the phone at 65°C for about 5 minutes to be able to take it off.

      Step 7

      Remove your new display from its box and take off the protective stickers.

      Step 8

      Reconnect the battery.

      Step 9

      Reposition the back glass screen correctly before gluing it back on.

      Step 10

      You can turn your Samsung Galaxy A51 back on, but test all of its functions before using it again ;-)

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