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Samsung Television UE49KU6640 Backlight Replacement

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1 — Remove the cover

      Remove the cover at the base at the back

      Step 2 — Work safely

      Place the TV on a mattress or other soft surface to avoid stress in the TV.

      Step 3 — Removing the base

      Loosen and remove the four screws from the holes.

      Step 4 — Preparation for removing panel

      Yellow clips are close to crucial electronics.

      Step 5 — Remove the Panel

      Insert the screwdriver flat into the side of the TV (parallel to the TV panel). When the screwdriver is turned, the clips of the cover come loose. Repeat all the red clips like this.

      Step 6 — Rear Removal continued

      Release the four blue clips on the bottom by inserting a screwdriver and popping up the rear panel.

      Step 7 — Remove the speakers

      Disconnect the two flat cables from the LCD panel.

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