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2 - Toasters - How do they work?

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      Step 1

      When lever 1 moves down, it lowers the basket containing the bread as well as a cam labelled 2. When this cam arrives at the end of the rail, it gets in position in between the two copper plates of the bipolar switch labelled 3.

      Step 2

      When the lever is lowered, the contact pads of the bipolar switch 3 are closed. It allows the network of heat resistances 6, the electronic card 5 and the electro-magnet 4 to be held under voltage.

      Step 3

      This is an exemple of an electronic diagram of a toaster temporization. The manufacturers use various assemblies often based on a frequency oscillator and a timer. The setting of the temporization is done with a potentiometer (P1 here).

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