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Corded Dexter Jigsaw 750 Watts Blade Holder Replacement

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1 — Unplug

      Before starting, remember to unplug the device.

      Step 2

      Remove the vacuum hose adapter at the back of the device.

      Step 3

      With the help of a screwdriver, unscrew and open the device.

      Step 4

      Using pliers, remove the clip beside the blade holder.

      Step 5

      Take off the blade holder, then raise the slide located at the end of the holder.

      Step 6

      First, put the slide onto the new blade holder.

      Step 7

      Put the blade holder back in its spot.

      Step 8

      Replace the clip in the same place. The curved side of the clip needs to go into the round side of the holder.

      Step 9

      Close and screw the tool back together.

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