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Changing the blade of a 460BSP500E-3 lawn mower

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1 — Security

      Unplug the anti-parasitic spark plug

      Step 2 — Tilt the lawn mower

      Always tilt the lawn mower to the exhaust side.

      Step 3 — Tools Needed

      Tools needed to replace the blade:

      Step 4 — Positioning the blade lock

      Position and affix the blade lock on the mower deck. Ensure the blade is positioned inside the lock.

      Step 5 — Disassemble the blade

      Unscrew the blade's fixing bolt with the 17mm wrench, turning counter clock-wise.

      Step 6 — Replacing the blade

      Put in place the new blade and screw the fixing bolt back. Use your hand, turning in clockwise, and finish tightening with the 17mm wrench.

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