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Samsung Galaxy A20e Display Replacement

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      Guide Steps

      Step 1

      Remove the SIM and MicroSD tray.

      Step 2

      Release the back cover with the help of a thin blade or a Jimmy. Insert the tool between the frame display and the cover unclipping it along the entire perimeter.

      Step 3

      Disconnect the Fingerprint scanner.

      Step 4

      Using a Philips #00 screwdriver, remove the 13 screws securing the inner cover.

      Step 5

      Now you can remove the upper and lower covers that protect the logic board and the speaker respectively.

      Step 6

      Pry up the following four connectors:

      Step 7 — Remove The Battery

      Remove the battery by placing a few drops of alcohol underneath the battery and letting it sit for about a minute. This will weaken the double-sided adhesive that holds the battery.

      Step 8

      Disconnect the two blue and white antenna wires.

      Step 9

      Remove the glued-on vibration motor with the help of a small amount of heat

      Step 10

      Once you have completed the component removal, you can begin the reassembly by placing the components on the new display.

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